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Solaro Gin
A First in Singapore

Born in Capri, it's the only gin made in and by the people of Capri and surrounding region of Italy. 

With fragrant and heady botanicals from this blue island and nearby, Solaro is a gin that like Capri, you’ll want to go back to again and again.

Solaro Gin is made by a team of ceramic artisans, regional distillers, and local farmers.

Our unique ceramic bottles are handcrafted in Italy and each one takes a week yo create.

Latteria Mozzarella Bar is the sole and proud importer and retailer of Solaro Gin.

Solaro Impilati 2 con Ceramiche sma.jpg

Be the First
to Discover Solaro Gin in Singapore

Bottle Solaro Gin: $98/$218/$258

(350 / 500 / 700ml)

Single Shot: S$20


Solaro Negroni: S$22

Solaro Gin | Vodka | Martini Rosso | Campari

Solaro Spritz S$20

Solaro Capri Gin | Lime Juice | Symple Syrup | Prosecco | Soda

Solaro - Libri e Tentacoli.jpg

Capri Gin will put a magical new spin on your old favorites. 

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