Solemnization Venue

Are you looking for a romantic and unique

wedding or solemnization venue?

From 4 August 2020, marriage solemnisations will be allowed to take place

with up to 50 guests (including the couple, excluding the Solemniser and vendors).

Latteria is your perfect venue choice with our spacious and lush terrace and recently refurbished indoor restaurant, located centrally in the gorgeous Duxton Hill.

We strive to make your big day the most special yet.


General Capacity:

Whole Restaurant:  around 160 Pax (sit-down); 150-200 Pax (standing cocktails)

Indoor Dining Area:      50 Pax (sit-down)

Alfresco Terrace:            60 Pax (sit-down)

Patio:                                 45 Pax (sit-down)

Latteria Food:

 We specialise in fresh cheeses and offer the largest range of Mozzarella and Burrata cheeses in Singapore in all varieties and shapes, flown in directly from Italy.


Apart from our specialties, we serve authentic Italian cuisine with classic antipasti,

homemade pasta, grilled meat, seafood specialities and delectable desserts.

We also offer a range of different event menu options - we are happy to give our recommendations based on your ideas and requirements.

Please contact us at to learn more about our various offerings.

Kindly complete the below and indicate the number of pax, any special dietary requirements and whether you would be keen to come and view the venue.



40 Duxton Hill

Singapore 089618


t 6866.1988


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